Saturday, October 3, 2009

No Saturday Post?

‘The god themselves know pain, the eternal forms.

In realms beyond the reach of cloud, and skies

Nearest the ends of air, where comes no storms

Nor sound of earth, I have looked into their eyes

Peaceful and filled with pain beyond surmise,

Filled with an ancient woe man cannot reach

One moment though in fire; yet calm their speech.’

C.S. Lewis, Narrative Poems

I don’t want to ‘flood’ the blogosphere with another “Ondoy” post but to be dead silent is apathetic. We are not cocoons. We are human beings. And human beings are very complex. Indeed, it is hard to understand humans without reference to their spiritual dimensions. With every human disorder we have—we blame everyone but ourselves and before long, we are questioning the existence of God. That is an inherent human inclination. It has always been the way of the world. But what is admiring amidst the aftermath of the horrible floods is that I never heard anyone blamed God. We even reacted to the way insurance company’s labeling of luxurious vehicles being tossed around like matchbox cars as an ‘Act of God’. It burned me from within.

‘Wilt Thou yet change, as though God were a god?’

Why not call it ‘acts of divided or disunified gods’ instead. At least, the term is ontologically different to the Creator of the universe. The gods will know it knows but they will never tell us what they would have us do. I must write it all quickly before the gods found some way to silence me.

Blessed are all who take refuge in Him [Psalm 2:10-12].

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