Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Day in a Life

Just got home from a nearby hospital for a rabies vaccination. I accidentally stepped on a Persian black cat last night. Ironically that same night, I was reading a collection of poems called Walking the Black Cat, unaware that Ogie scratched or bitten me. I just discovered an itchy wound on my right leg this morning. The dilemma is I’m not sure if it is just a scratch or a bite so I decided to have a shot.
At the basement parking, a Revo blocked my way out so the guard on duty called the attention of the driver. The owner of the car was storming furiously and he asked me if I’m in a hurry and I did not bother to answer him (ironically he is in a hurry because he parked illegally). Again it was ironic. I should be in fury and not him.
At the ER, my 2nd shot was interrupted by an emergency case. A big guy that looks like the mad man in the parking appears lifeless. Medical personnel scrambled to revive him. Again, I ask myself if this is ironic.
 Going home, I was driving so fast when out of the blue, a little boy crossed from the left and I nearly killed him. I said to myself that this is not ironic anymore.
Oh, the brevity of life!

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