Sunday, February 6, 2011

RED – A Review

I should be reviewing RED’s latest studio release Until We Have Faces only but because I just recently discovered this great band, I ended up reviewing all their 3 albums.

Though there are exceptions, I believe that a great band should not be redundant and at the same time not diversified. Also, one of my criteria in choosing a great album is that the tracks should be somehow connected, meticulously arranged and mostly not fillers. This generally characterized RED and other band with grand slam releases (first 3 albums) like Switchfoot, Smalltown Poets and  Jars of Clay.

Until We Have Faces is a combination of their first 2 albums – full of hope and honest lyrics (“Best is Yet to Come” and “Not Alone”) orchestrated with cinematic endings.  I can trace a Linkin’ Park style and intensity and I notice a slow version of a Metallica song from a couple of tracks but nevertheless originally put out. The depiction  musically of a  diminishing face in the album cover at the end of "Faceless" will show how creative RED is. It is no surprising that a non-mainstream band and music rocked to #1 spot in the i-Tunes Album Chart even before the street release date. 

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