Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Big One

In terms of attention and news coverage, none will match the earthquake that hit Japan compared to Haiti and Christchurch, not even the unfolding political events in the Middle East. Perhaps because of the magnitude that culminated in the catastrophic destruction of a nuclear station and surprisingly a stronger yen. Again one will wonder how a secular nation will face such triad of catastrophe knowing that this is not yet the ‘Big One”. One of the things that hits visitors to Japan is that they are not religious (whatever form it is) though in times of tragedy and like many Catholics, their religiosity tends to go up. More so when people die in groups of hundreds which is an indication of our helplessness. People die not because “they are worse than everybody else” (Luke 13:4) but because death is inevitable. When seawalls and thick walls fail, may we all run to ‘The Real Big One’ for mercy.

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