Friday, April 6, 2012


they hated You without a cause
not a purple but a scarlet robe
not the heavy crossbeam
but the stigma of disgrace
an inscription that says Nazareth
but King
your arms raised
the Marys were there
but You were all alone
– left by God
from afar they wept
but the world rejoiced
a cheap, sour wine
that resulted to strong words
– My God, My God…
the mocking taunts
a repentant thief
a believing centurion
the veil tore
from top
to bottom

My hour has not come
My hour has not come
My hour has not come
The hour has come

blood water flow
the sun 
turned into darkness
the Enemy against the cross
the Father killing His Son
the most evil act
the most wonderful loving act
the most miscarriage of justice
the greatest satisfaction of justice
He borrowed a grave
but he owned everything
even our sins

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