Sunday, June 10, 2012

One Sunday Afternoon in a Church Parking Lot

The sermon booms from the PA like
A broadcast out of the dashboard.
(I will never again escape).
The shortest sermon I’ve ever heard
on the most misunderstood subject.
The minister neither denounced it like
Sade nor affirmed it like Augustine.
No. Not Cernuda. Not Neruda. Poets
filled the world watched by every human
love (Learn to love Elijah). He simply
jumbled the words. Its contrapuntal climax,
filled with amplified modulation.
That’s the message  – the only message for me.

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Anonymous said...

Everyone of us is waiting for a sign, signal or an answers in our own questions..and u will be amazed that in a matter of seconds it will just appear in front of u cause u really needing it.. Appearing an answer also depends on the weight of ur burden and my friend answers may appear in any form, may be by a pers
on, a speech, a thing that u see or by listening to a music that helps u calm and help u understand the true meaning of it...ur such a good writer my friend.... Gud day :)