Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Literary Note

In classical art, novelty meant some sort of
variation of the model; in Baroque art, an
exaggeration; in modern art, a sharp break.
      Octavio Paz, Alternating Current

It takes a very random person
to make a revolution:
Dickinson’s breathless pauses
and dashes (soundless as dot?)
Villa’s comma’ed version
Cummings’ eccentric punctuation
Ezra pounded the syntax
Lyric narrative, reverse consonance,
etc., etc., etc.  

One big shot said that the three dots
in the middle of a sentence is notorious
and widely used in sleazy sex novels.  

And who decides these things anyway?  
If you are a Sunday writer and
you want to ghastly use these dots
(and still be… famous) then ask
police permission
not from Dave Barry.

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