Monday, September 9, 2013

Do You See The Savior?

An adaptation poem based on a sermon preached by C. H. SPURGEON sometime in the mid to late 1800’s entitled "Songs in the Night". I have added nothing and the sequence of the original lines are the same.

Do you see that Savior there?
He is hanging on the cross;
there are His dear hands, 
pierced with nails,
nailed to a tree,
as if they were waiting for 
your tardy footsteps, 
because you would not come.  

Do you see His dear head there?

It is hanging on His breast,
as if He would lean over,
and kiss your poor soul.

Do you see His blood,

gushing from His head,
His hands, His feet, His side?
It is running after you; 
because He knew that 
you would never run after it.

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