Monday, March 30, 2015

Season of Shame Part 2

i. Cursing of the Fig Tree
Matt. 21:18-19a; Mark 11:12-14

He wants to eat
a sweet fig
so He search the tree
by the road side
from the trunk
to the topmost—
all leaves, no figs
the twelve heard it
and the pretentious tree
Withered at once


ii. The Son of Man Purifies the Temple

the temple market place
He paralyzed with fear
He swept the buyers and sellers
and purged the floor
with a winnowing hand
He calls it a den of thieves
a house of robbers
He did the same
three years earlier
Woe to you O Jerusalem!
Will you still not be made clean?


iii. The Greeks Seek Jesus

Jewish leaders
in their uncircumcised heart
watch Him for
blasphemy or perjury.
Certain Greeks
desire to see Him
and sit with Him
at the table.


iv. Jesus Announces His Death
Our Deliverer has Come!
Our Deliverer has Come!
the Jews thought
this is their time ─
a political revolution
against Roman oppression ─
His respond pointed
To His impending death
I will be lifted up
I will be lifted up



v. The Unbelief of the People

in the morning
the people gathered
to the temple
expecting Him
but He – the giver
of morning light
was not there
time’s up
time’s up
it’s too late
it’s too late
the sun had set
the darkness



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