Saturday, May 9, 2009


I’m a huge fan of Christian music and it has been a big part of my life in general. For several years now, I’ve been hunting Emmanuel’s underrated album “KUSING” that was released a decade ago. By the time it hit the stores, I can’t afford to buy one and what would you expect after ten years? The other day, while strolling in a mall, I spotted the cd on sale from a Praise Inc. stand. It’s a great adrenaline rush. What kept me pursuing? The first track “Tingnan mo” which I first heard from NU 107 when the band was the guest in a late night show ‘Against the Flow’. No, not the song in itself that strike me but the lovely voice of a boy singing/chanting an acapella in the intro. If anyone ever asks me for my opinion of what creativity is, musically, I’d hand them a copy of this record and that would be all they would need.


Junn said...

Hi Sam!

You're a very good blogger. I am Junn of Emanwel. My wife was looking for some album cover pics of Emanwel when she chanced upon your blog. I was deeply touched by your remark. Hope to personally meet you sometime soon. Should you or your orgnization need our music, we'd gladly play in your event. You guys may contact me through 0917-9940107 or 0923-6442824. Please also visit our Multiply site

Mabuhay ka!


MannyAmbanlocRosario said...

Hi Sam!

I found this blog by searching for Emmanuel's Kusing album...

next I noticed the Pyromaniacs logo...

then your choice of books

So my first impression about you is that you have a penchant for great music and healthy theology

Grace and peace to you brother!