Monday, February 1, 2010

THE SINGER - a Sacred Delight

I could not perswade my self to attempt any thing above six Lines, which had not been made, were it not at the Request of a Musical Gentleman.  SAMUEL COBB, Discourse on Criticism and of Poetry

After purchasing five poetry books in a month’s time, I’ve been pondering whether or not to use this blog exclusively as a pad for poetry. Much more after reading in delight Calvin Miller’s book ‘The Singer’. Like poetry itself, this book came inexplicably out of nowhere. It was placed discreetly in the philosophy section and I just stumbled upon it. Well, I will not give my review on this one but I tell you what- I’m not a voracious reader but devoured on it twice above 33,000 feet going to Puerto Princesa City and like Gerard Butler in the movie The Ugly Truth--the only person in the sidewalk reading while walking, even when crossing down the street (A dramatic reading, are you on the list?). There’s really joy in book hunting, it's quite another to get thrilled to a ‘classic retelling of cosmic conflict’.

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Anonymous said...

ohayo! the buk is like a bible to me.. the new version of it that depicts everything... its nice to have dat buk the title is quite strange to me hut now i understand why?... =)