Friday, October 22, 2010

Boracay Island


Sitting in the beachfront
Watching people

Others are ending their day
Some are just beginning
Trying to figure out 
which is which

But what if all will get down
On their knees
Like Hudson Taylor
Like the palm trees
That bends over to pray
—In agony
for ‘twenty-four
willing skillful laborers’

The rays of light
Dying out in the distance


Anonymous said...

u have the great image in that shot... sometimes we feel relaxing if we just watching others doing theirs things and they didnt know we are watching them, we have the chance to predict wat their going to do afterwards or we can make our own story about them and all the while we thought that were making story for them but the truth is were making them the part of our lives....happy watching... i like the view...=)

babyro said...

don't you think you should also compliment the photographer?! wink...