Monday, October 18, 2010

A Self Portrait

Look what I’ve done/This picture I’ve painted
It looks like my heart/Or what still remains
Convince of the weight/Your interpretations
Are not what I see/ I wish they could be

‘Cause I remember it much redder
And I remember it much better

Try to explain/ The way that the frame
Doesn’t quite fit the image/Or surround the edge
It stands in display/What do you see
Behold all the new grey/What’s become of the old me
                                      —Jars of Clay, Portrait of an Apology

Congealed expressions in a
Concealed frame — A miserable frame

How can life exist without a frame?

It could have perfectly stand
If I made it scream like Munch’s

Should I return and redo it?
And find myself changed?
Or just wait for the Northern Wind
To clash the colors in my face

Am I safe?
Will You erase me
To frame no message for anyone

I’m still whole
Without a golden frame

Is this a portrait or an apology?

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