Monday, January 23, 2012

I Judge Books By Their Covers

I must admit – there are times when I pick books up purely for its aesthetic qualities - covert art, title design and its acid-free pages. Unfortunately, most Christian publishers like Word, Moody, Banner of Truth, IVP and Multnomah are not well-known for their brilliant book covers. I hope this will change after HarperCollins took over Nashville - based publisher Thomas Nelson. Their edition of C.S. Lewis' classics and favorites are all beautifully designed and perfect when arranged in a single row.

My C.S. Lewis collection holds a special place in my tiny bookshelf and I am determined to replace the Touchstone editions with HarperCollins

Nothing beats the Hardcourt design - A sure winner of  Best Spine of the Year Award!

This is my favorite John R.W. Stott book. Unfortunately, the cover is just plain ugly.
The old edition of Tozer's books are all uniformly designed -- with powerful typography.
Books with gold medals are always irresistible specially if it is placed on the spine.  
Well, you can’t judge a book by its cover, but people always do.

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