Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Scene From a Korean Movie

Korean films are always unique. Sometimes it has 3 endings, sometimes it's like you have only watch a single chapter. Their cinematography techniques will make you experience the movie -  we watch and suffer like they do and the score will make you seat until the credits end.

She knew she was standing
in the middle of the road
Confuse and teary
She finally decided to run uphill
She run hard while crying out loud
and collapsed
She sunk herself for a long time in that highway,
clenching her fists while the rustling wind
swept the fallen leaves.
For minutes I thought that it would not affect me,
but it did.


Anthony said...

It would be neat if American movies routinely contained multiple endings. That would be cool.

Sam said...

thanks Anthony. the intro and poem though ran together - like Holywood heavyweights

dudeabbe said...

hardly find time to catch Korean drama this time cousin but i do love their romantic comedy maybe because when they do drama it's sooooo drama and will make you cry until the end.

Sam said...

true Abbe. Korean films have a way of making people cry and sad. thanks insan for visiting my pad

Filebook said...

I love watching korean films. They're all great, very touching and I must say that I can easily relate with the story.