Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Minor Poet

 Triggered by something that happened to me, I wrote my first poem completely unplanned without wrestling with language (while waiting for my shuttle). It was published in POET'S PICTUREBOOK, issue No. 35. I was not even sure if it resembles a graceful poem but the great Filipino poet and translator, Marne Kilates, accommodated me. It was called “Graceland”. Short as it is but the lines are all falling right. Reading it still enthralls me to this day. Here is the poem:


On, on I travel to distant Oku
The moon is low in the sky
As I tread on muddy roads in November
I ignored God’s signposts all over 
I got lost and saw a mountain Lion track
Then I encountered an elephant lurking in darkness
I wrestled with it and made my blood run so cold
A dead man walking; a shaken monster in me
Swallowed up in a driftwood whilst limping away,
I heard the weeping fish
My sleeve is with tears
How lonely it is!
 You made me recall a poet’s line
And the fool dwarfs in The Last Battle
You broke a vase for me
Filled with a sunflower seed!
You heard my lament
And turn them into dancing

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